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Mystery Trip - Where am I?
    It was an especially hot and dusty evening when I arrived at my hotel room in 
Cairo, Egypt.  I eagerly unlocked the door and found to my surprise, a small manila 
envelope placed at the foot of my bed.  A brief note hastily scrawled on the personal 
stationery of Professor Thaddeus Clipperton asked me to join him.  A map with strict 
instructions to follow was also provided.  I had been attending a series of seminars
given by Professor Clipperton that week at The Egyptian Antiquities  Museum, and
we were colleagues of long standing.
   At first light I arranged for a taxi to take me to the loading dock.  There I boarded
a ship and sailed down the Nile amid some truly fantastic scenery.  At Shendi, Sudan,
located at 16.46 degrees North Latitude I left the ship and joined an entourage of a
dozen well equipped jeeps.  The trip was a long and arduous one, and I kept a daily
journal highlighting key events.  My companions and I entered and exited 2 countries
on our trip west, and we then entered a third.  The dry wind of the harmattan was
blowing wild as we paralleled the Niger River to our final destination… an ancient city
of great culture and spirituality. 
   My friend and colleague greeted me with a smile and a refreshing beverage, and 
then excitedly ushered me to see some half buried monuments.

Can you tell me in which country and at what city my journey ended?

  Helpful Tip: If  you want, keep an atlas, world map, or world globe handy! 


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Notice: The travel accounts expressed in "Mystery Trip" are that of pure fiction and are the brainchild of Ken Havelock

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